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The Health Evolution Collective Podcast

Apr 26, 2021

Love. Life. Purpose.

Natalie is a Clinical Psychotherapist, Self-Image Specialist, International Speaker and Columnist.

Natalie is sought-after facilitator and speaker on the Self Image, Mind – Food Behaviours, Natalie's work has taken her to stages in the UK, Canada, USA, NZ and here in Australia. 

Natalie loves to use the knowledge she has gained through years of working globally and as well as her education and training as a clinical psychotherapist along side holistic wellness, to guide you through contemporary relationship and life's challenges to help you to build the life you want. 

People say Natalie has an empathetic nature and direct style, who likes to make my clients feel safe and ultimately empowered. 

"I'm a strong believer in a holistic approach to wellbeing"

 Love, Career, Social Life and Spirituality. All these aspects of our lives are intertwined. I’m passionate about Life, Love and the health of our relationships.

Natalie embodies all of this interconnected wisdom & experience to facilitate authentic & connected relationship, either as individuals or in a workplace. 

With qualifications in Clinical Behavioural Science and Applied Clinical Hypnotherapy, Natalie is also qualified in the areas of: Neuro-Hypnosis , Clinical Hypnosis, public speaking, group meditation facilitation, physical & psychological conditioning and performance coaching. She also holds experience in the areas of Orthomolecular Nutrition, mindset coaching & holistic health. 


Instagram: @natalie.e.west

Facebook: Natalie E West

Linkedin: Natalie E West, DCht, IICT



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