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The Health Evolution Collective Podcast

Apr 7, 2021

If there was ever a story about how it is possible to overcome adversity, this is it. I am so grateful the universe has connected me with Martin. Martin has been through huge adversity and come out the other end with a passion and drive to help others - particularly men - see and reconnect to their own innate resilience and wellbeing. 

In this chat with Martin I laughed (a lot!) and I cried as he shared openly the pain he has experienced. 

I know you will love listening to his story.

Here's a little about Martin:

Recently appointed to the Board of Australasian College of Nutritional Environmental Medicine (

Originally born in Scotland, calling Sydney home since 2000.  Father of 2 amazing teenage daughters, have over 30 years commercial experience including representing leading Fast moving consumer brands, Executive recruitment, leading Hotel organisations, Leading IT Cyber Security Portfolios’ experiences and Transforming Businesses in Europe and Australia.   

Entrepreneur with a passion for healthy lifestyle developed over 30 years, having been curious about the benefits and changing patterns of global food trends and it’s impact on wellness.  Have created own business after 25 years in the corporate world to focus on the wellness and preventative health of men in society.   

A start to my entrepreneurial life was from the age of 13 delivering newspapers daily and on the weekend in Glasgow.  Life lessons that shaped my life. 

A believer that change is necessary in society, including the teaching of wellness, good nutrition, holistic health, connections and optimism. 

From a personal pathway have been able to overcome personal trauma and stage 4 cancer over the past few years. 

Keen sportsperson including running, swimming, yoga, meditation, and ambassador for cancer research charities.  

How to connect with Martin:


FB: Martin Gillespie

insta: mgillespie70

Linkedin: martin gillespie


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