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The Health Evolution Collective Podcast

Feb 26, 2019

Today's podcast is a chat in which we laughed and we cried.

My beautiful friend Heidi - who I've known since we were 16 - bravely shares her experience with her daughter and anorexia.

Heidi is a kind and loving friend, wife, & mum. She is a hairdresser, teaches hairdressing at Tafe, and also travels interstate and internationally teaching.

She has also worked with Lifeline, and shares what she learnt from that experience, and how it helped her in dealing with her daughter, when at 14 she told her she wanted to end her life.

Heidi's experience is one no mum wants to go through. But sadly it is becoming more and more common in young people.

We need to have these conversations and increase our awareness of these issues so we can support our mum's and protect our children.

This is not an issue families should be dealing with alone. We need the wider community to stand up and support us too. 

Heidi mentions as a resource in Sydney that really helped her and her children.

Please listen and share this podcast.

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