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The Health Evolution Collective Podcast

Feb 8, 2021

Who is this guy and what’s he about?
I’m trained as a forage agronomist and ruminant nutritionist. I received my Doctorate from the University of Kentucky in 1986 and I joined the faculty of Oregon State University as the Extension Forage Specialist.

In 2007 I realized that I was an obese pre-diabetic. I am no longer either, thanks to several clinicians, researchers and authors. About a decade ago I started to attend and then speak at international conferences focused on therapeutic carbohydrate reduction and metabolic health. I’ve gotten to learn a great deal about human nutrition and metabolic health while I’ve been on this health-restoration journey. I’ve also come to appreciate the gaps that exists between science and policy, and between agricultural producers and the rest of society. To bridge these gaps, I’ve become an advocate for forage and ruminant animal agriculture, and the essential role of ruminant animal products in human health and flourishing.

About ten years ago I started blogging and posting on social media about what I called Grass Based Health (“Grass Roots Health” was already taken). It represents that integration of what I’ve learned – healthy soils, healthy plants, healthy animals, and healthy people, all thanks to ruminant animal agriculture. It also reflected my previous belief about the superior nutritional quality of grass-fed livestock products. I no longer hold that position and the name reminds me of that journey. The fact that approximately 96% of what the global domestic ruminant herd consumes is not human-edible plant material justifies calling ruminant animal agriculture “grass based.”

The “Ruminati” grew out of the people who had seen my presentations or read my postings. It is my name for those people who understand to some degree some portion of the production-through consumption landscape and the disciplines that serve it. I’ve been given the title of Don Pedro, aka the SodFather. While I’m absolutely serious about the essential role of animal source food in the human diet, and the unique advantages of ruminant animal agriculture in producing those foods, I believe that
humor (at least what I think is humor) is helpful in building bridges.

The “Meet Your Herdmates” Sodcast is a new effort to introduce members of the Ruminati to each other, so that we might all learn from each other.
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Grass Based Health.

The Host, Tracey McBeath:

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