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The Health Evolution Collective Podcast

Sep 1, 2020

Lisa Parkinson Roberts has two children, two stepchildren, and two grandchildren (not to mention a dog, pig, cat, chickens, and an axolotl), and has worked in the field of health and nutrition for many years. Holding a honours degree in exercise and sports science, and a PhD in nutrition science she has published 10 peer reviewed articles. Lisa’s first book ‘A Well Mind’ will be released in March next year.  She wrote this book as a guide to help others who not only suffer poor mental health, but who want to feel the best that they can within their mind.

While working on her PhD she saw the amazing connection between compounds in food, inflammation, and disease and gained understanding of the strength of this connection on both physical and mental health.  Having suffered mental illness for most of her life, Lisa set out to get off medication and thrive rather than just survive; something she is presently doing by using food as medicine for her mind and other lifestyle strategies. She believes that with some effort and the right tools we can all achieve a well mind.

To contact Lisa:

Instagram: @lisaparkinsonroberts


Tracey is a Transformational Health Coach in Melbourne. She has online support programs, online programs, online coaching and more.

Instagram: @tracey_mcbeath_healthcoach

Facebook: Tracey McBeath Health Coach

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