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The Health Evolution Collective Podcast

May 9, 2020

Tracey and Aaron chat on the Health Evolution Podcast, all about the keto diet, women's health and so much more.

Aaron Day, otherwise known as FatForWeightLoss, is crazy about health and nutrition. He is an Accredited Nutritional Therapist, Advanced Sports Exercise Nutritional Adviser and Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner. Aaron is a ketogenic food blogger, recipe developer, food photographer, and videographer, with an emphasis on Quick and Simple Keto Meals, Flexible Recipes (Suited for families) and Keto Comfort Food.

The name “FatForWeightLoss” is a poke at what society thought was making us all fat. “Fat”. But in actual fact, using fat in your diet whether you’re following a ketogenic diet, or simply a low carb diet, is the biggest lever you can move towards making a lifestyle change towards weight loss, and more importantly, fat loss.

Aaron grew up surrounded by a wealth of health knowledge, with an emphasis on food allergies, micronutrients, and natural supplements. His mother is dedicated to health being a naturopath for one of the world leading companies. She is the reason he holds such a passion for health and wellbeing. His early years consisted of an abundance of food, but as he grew up and discovered the world of music, he lived a very frugal lifestyle which began to etch away at his thyroid and adrenal glands.

Being overworked, underslept and underpaid was a natural disaster for malnourishment through poor digestive issues. Aaron turned to the world of sports and fitness, and began to study, research and absorb the world of nutrition, through which he realized he had a deeply rooted passion in helping others be able to live to their full potential. From living out his dream to cycle through Europe with nothing but a tent, climbing 4,500m in one-day cycling events, through to running marathons using the unusual endurance diet of high fat, low carb foods, he is dedicated to pushing past what is deemed possible by common society.

Through those ambitious goals, he has realized that it is not the outcome that you learn the most from. It is the journey and struggles along the way which makes you become a better person.

You can find Aaron at his website here: He is also on Instagram and Facebook @fatforweightloss.


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