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The Health Evolution Collective Podcast

Mar 18, 2020

Barb and I recorded this chat about 6 weeks ago, prior to what is occurring today around the world with the Coronavirus.

But our conversation could not be more relevant in today's fearful climate.

Understanding our nature of human beings changes everything. Seeing that we are are connected to nature and have innate resilience allows us not to fear what shows up in front of us. When we understand the nature of thought, and how it's designed to flow through, we start to see a lot more space in our thinking and so many more options become available to us. We start to see our infinite potential as human beings.

Barbara lived and worked in Europe and the US, and has over 20 years experience coaching and working globally as an internal executive and outside consultant. She works with businesses, their leaders, teams, entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants in various fields of work.

Her previous experience as an executive in a large global organization gave her a solid grasp of what it takes to lead in a fast-paced, demanding culture. Responsible for talent management, executive development, change management and employee engagement, she understands the nature of corporate organizations and the challenges faced by their leaders.

She is someone who has moved overseas to pursue opportunities in my past, as well as years of running a successful coaching & consulting business of her own. She understands how to navigate transitions gracefully, take risks, and make big life changes. 

In addition to building a successful consulting and coaching business, Barbara mentors and trains other coaches and consultants to build their own practices, and teach the same principles that were the catalyst for my own transformation.

"A few years ago, I ran across a hidden variable within each of us that either empowers or disempowers us. When people understand the nature of that hidden variable it changes everything.

Until I discovered this, I used to attribute my success to hard work, striving, being able to handle pressure, and pushing myself. I was productive, a go-getter, I was great with people, but I was wearing myself out. I was constantly busy and rushed. I thought that to be successful you had to give up peace of mind and learn how to handle chronic stress.

Even though I tried to find another way – through endless self-improvement, spiritual seeking, and any strategies I could try to avoid burnout – I never really believed there was any other way to success. I was sure that if I just worked hard enough, I could get there… wherever “there” was.  At one point, the striving, strategies, and effort stopped working. I had hit a ceiling in my potential.

It was then that I started to look in a new direction. I discovered the incredible impact of a hidden variable… and it dramatically transformed my experience."

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Barbara talked about "The Little Book of Big Change" by Dr Amy Johnson, and Michael Neill's books, "The Inside Out Revolution" and "The Space Within".

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