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The Health Evolution Collective Podcast

Feb 15, 2020

I apologise in advance for the sound quality of this podcast chat. But don't let that stop you listening to the amazing stuff Dr Pran has to say. 

Like many practitioners that believe nutrition has a role in our health, Dr Pran's wife getting ill was his catalyst. 

Dr Pran shares his wife's story; we discuss why the medical professional will be slow with change; why insulin resistance is the cause behind most of the modern metabolic diseases; the red meat and cancer link; meat and the environment; feeding our kids; and Dr Pran shares his biggest tips for everyone with regard to their health. 

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If you are a medical practitioner and you are interested in learning how to bring low carb in to your practice, the Nutrition Network has a number of programs to help. For GP's; Dietitians; Nurses and Health Coaches. The Nutrition Network is run by the Noakes Foundation. To learn more, click here: