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The Health Evolution Collective Podcast

Dec 2, 2019

In the third part of my chat with Belinda Fettke, we get more personal. Belinda bravely shares the personal impact Gary's saga has had on herself, Gary and the family.

We also talk about what Belinda believes has to happen before more widespread change will be possible.

We then talk Mum to Mum about how we felt when we learnt about the perils of sugar, and the impact that has had on our kids, and how we've learnt to manage it all. 

Belinda talked about The Real Meal Revolutions awesome book, Raising Superheros, by Prof Tim Noakes. I couldn't find that book online, but I have purchased their next book, Super Food for Super Children. It's also from the Prof, and is a very similar book. So if you would like a chance to win this for Christmas, and start to take your kids beyond a world of sugar, please go to my instagram page: 

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