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The Health Evolution Collective Podcast

Aug 27, 2019

Caroline is the Life Assistant you never knew you needed!

If you are someone who is surrounded with 'stuff' and 'things' to do, or you hate delegating (especially if you don't like things that are not done YOUR way) then this podcast is for you. That's been me for sure!

Caroline has over thirteen years experience in the events industry, having managed a range of major internationally recognised events and exhibitions throughout Australia.

She has specialised in the management of first aid and medical services since 2009 and has become known as the most qualified and sought after account manager of this service. Caroline has an exclusive understanding and insight of the requirements of her role, far beyond her peers within the industry. She has used this experience as one of the two owners of EventAid to grow the business to being one of the most reputable providers within the industry and the employer of choice.

Throughout her career Caroline has been continuously recognised for her efficiency and professionalism when looking after clients. She is known for her ability to meet her client’s expectations whilst managing various projects and deadlines.

Using these skills Caroline has launched Organise.Curate.Design to assist clients find work life balance in their personal lives. Managing their life admin and easing their workload to enable clients to outsource their To Do Lists and gain time in their day to pursue the things they love.


To connect with Caroline:


Facebook: Organise Curate Design



To connect with me (Tracey), Women's Health Coach for Mind & Body:


Instagram: @tracey_mcbeath_healthcoach

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