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The Health Evolution Collective Podcast

Aug 13, 2019

"I hid from the world for over 20 years." 

Amber is hiding no longer!

At 53 - a mum of 2 and a grandmother - she is out dancing every weekend with her husband.

But it wasn't always this way for Amber, in fact most of her life she has hidden herself away because of her weight and feelings of helplessness.

That was until she found keto at almost 50, and has carnivore around 6 months ago.

This story speaks for itself. Amber is such a joy and breath of fresh air,  who wants to share how she found her joy in life with anyone who will listen. 

As someone who has been judged all her life, she no longer lets what anyone else think bother her.

So leave all your judgement aside - because it is only a reflection on you - and listen with curiosity and an open mind.

If you're interested in reading and learning more about this lifestyle, Amber has shared some awesome resources below:

Facebook Groups:

  • Zeroing in on health
  • World carnivore tribe
  • Zero carb health


  •  Human performance outliers 
  • the carnivore cast
  • Fundamental Health


  • Dr Shawn Baker
  • Mikhaila Peterson
  • Primal Edge Health
  • Paul Saladino MD
  • Phil Escott
  • Ken D. Berry, MD
  • KetovoreKast 


  • Born to Eat Meat by Paul A Mabry MD
  • Lore of nutrition:challenging conventional dietary beliefs by Tim Noakes
  • Fiber Minace by Konstantin Monastyrsky
  • The carnivore cookbook by Maria Emmerich (out Jan 7)
  • The Carnivore Diet by Shawn Baker (out Nov 19)

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Instagram: @lonestarketogirl


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