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The Health Evolution Collective Podcast

Jul 29, 2019

I've been troubled by the number of teenagers that appear to be struggling. Who are suffering needlessly because they innocently just don't understand how our mind works. Come to think of it, many adults don't understand this either. So this podcast is for everyone who feels stuck.

"If the only thing people learnt was not to be afraid of their own experience, that alone would change the world." Sydney Banks.

There are many more people that talk about this understanding of mind way better than I have here in this podcast. If you want to keep looking in the direction I share, please keep listening, reading, and looking. 

When we don't understand how something works, it confuses us. But simply seeing the truth of how our mind works can be all we need to trust that we will always be ok... not matter what we are faced with.

*Please keep coming back to these resources, as I will update them regularly. Plus don't just watch them once. Watch them a few times, with space in between. Every time you do that, it will speak to you in a different way.*

YouTube Video resources:

Mara Gleason - Your Superpower -

Why Arn't We Awesomer - Michael Neill -

A Whole New Way of Thinking about Thought - Michael Neill

Depression disorders - Dr Bill Pettit

The Dragon Story - Michael Neill

Relationships - Michael Neill

Built to Fly - Dr Bill Pettit

Confidence - Mara Gleason

The Inside Out Revolution -

People to google: Dr Bill Pettit, Michael Neill, Dr Amy Johnson, Mara Gleason, Fiona Lukeis, Rochelle Gance, Jack Pransky, Nicola Bird and so many more.

Books (all available on Kindle):

Somebody Should Have Told Us - Jack Pransky

Parenting From The Heart - Jack Pransky

The Little Book of Big Change - Dr Amy Johnson

One Thought Changes Everything - Mara Gleason

Recovery From Within (A Mum and Daughter journey of recovery from anorexia) - Rebecca Perkins & Beatrice Arscott

A Little Peace of Mind - Nicola Bird

Women and Confidence - Lana Basianutti

Being Human - Dr Amy Johnson

The Relationship Handbook - George Pransky

The Space Within - Michael Neill


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