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The Health Evolution Collective Podcast

Jul 23, 2019

If you're a mum who has just left the work force to have kids, or a mum who is thinking about returning to the workforce, or you are just someone thinking of making a career change, this episode is for you!

What a wealth of information Leah is. Leah is a career & interview coach, and founder of her coaching business, Relaunch Me.

Leah herself has been through numerous career changes, had time off to have her kids, and now uses her wealth of knowledge to help others relaunch their careers.

Today on the podcast Leah shares:

  • her career story and what led to her starting her business
  • she shares some tips on how to look for work after being out for a while
  • she shares what you can do while you are having a break from your career
  • we talk about how building your confidence is the first step in any relaunch
  • some great free and small cost online learning programs
  • and a whole lot more


The links below are to free/inexpensive courses:

Volunteer websites:

Fairwork website:



To connect with Leah:


Facebook: Relaunch Me Career Consulting

Instagram: @relaunchmecareerconsulting

Linkedin: Relaunch Me Career Consulting



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