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The Health Evolution Collective Podcast

Jun 25, 2019

Christine is a Nutritionist, best selling author, and speaker. After struggling with her own weight and health, Christine transformed her body and her health and spent over 10 years researching the facts about food and fats. The results are evident in her books about dietary truths that have been largely ignored by conventional health authorities.

Today on the podcast Christine shares:

  • her own story and health journey
  • how as one of the pioneers of the low carb high fat lifestyle (LCHF) about 18 years ago she has seen it's evolution over this time. She shares this from a professional and personal perspective
  • how and why she went from vegetarian to a meet and eggs based diet
  • the slow removal of meat from the dietary food guidelines and who is benefiting the most from that (hint: it's not us)
  • the history surrounding the invention of breakfast cereals and what their goal really was (hint: it's not about nutrition)
  • her thoughts on the carnivore lifestyle
  • veggies and our kids, what do they really need to eat for optimal health? "Veggies are great, veggies are healthy, but they're not essential."
  • how insurance companies have the potential to push change
  • optimal breakfasts ideas to fuel your children's growing brains and bodies
  • how she approaches the Keto diet with her clients and through her own 12 week weight loss program
  • how to move from a sugar to a fat burner
  • the blood tests she recommends people get, why their important, and what to look for
  • how it's important to understand cholesterol levels, and the changes that may occur with LCHF
  • premature ageing... what's the real cause? "Sugar is very ageing, but so is the low fat diet."
  • consequences of the low fat era, specifically the leeching of calcium from our bones, which is creating Free Calcium excess. This causes calcification of things like: heart valves, arteries, gall bladders stones, kidney stones, arthritis..
  • the best place to start when it comes to changing your lifestyle
  • the premise of each of her books:
    • The Fat Revolution
    • The Fat Revolution Cookbook
    • Bring Back the Fat
    • Bring Back the Fat Keto Cookbook


Christine and I will be chatting again next month, so if you have questions that arise from listening to this that you would like her to address, please email me at and I will make sure we include it.


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