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The Health Evolution Collective Podcast

May 29, 2019

What fun I had chatting to Mel, who is just so down to earth and super real!

Mel is the Executive Editor of The Women's Network - which includes such great parent resources as Kidspot, Body & Soul Online, and Whimn.  She is also a single mum to two little ones.

We had such a great chat about so much that is #mumlife.


  • the challenges of parenting, particularly becoming a mum later in life
  • how to re create the village if it's not there
  • mum judgement and social media
  • the dark days...and how they will pass
  • managing the day to day crazy of work and parenting, and how when it all gets too overwhelming, peel everything back to some simple things..getting through each day, hour or even minute
  • school and homework
  • managing the mummy guilt and anger


It was super fun!

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To connect with Mel:

Instagram: @melwilson_kidspot; @kidspot, @bodyandsoul_au, @whimn


Podcast: The Juggling Act


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