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The Health Evolution Collective Podcast

May 1, 2019

"Follow your JOY."

This pretty much sums up the chat I had with Mandy. From the outside looking in, Mandy admits to having it all - gorgeous kids, gorgeous husband, and her own business.

"It's a picture perfect family, but wow.... what a journey to get here."

Mandy is a Mum of 2, but was a single mum when her eldest son (now 17) was only 1. She was a single mum for 3 years, and we talk about how tough those times were... and how much they taught her.

Her now husband used to be a Special Forces Member in the Australian Army, and had to spend a lot of time away.. but what was the hardest by far was the 6 months he spent in Afghanistan when the children were very small. 

Mandy so courageously shares how they all got through this very tough time, and just how lucky they were that he came home.

Mandy is the owner of the small business, Scented Purpose. A small business she runs with her 11 year old. It's about so much more than the products. It's about building something special with her daughter - spreading kindness and love doing what they love.

For every purchase made from Scented Purpose, Mandy donates $1 to Kids With Cancer. 

This lady has a huge heart. And so much knowledge and wisdom around being a single mum, dealing with her husbands absence, parenting teenage children, and so much more.

A message that she has above her daughter's bed says,

"Beautiful can do hard things."

Says it all really.


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