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The Health Evolution Collective Podcast

Apr 16, 2019

If you listen to only one of my podcasts, make it this one.

Fiona is a coach, mentor and facilitator.

She is a relationship builder, helping people build better relationships. This may be with themselves, their partner, their children, their mother. Anyone.

Fiona believes that most of us underestimate the power and impact of the way we relate to others. And it simply comes from a misunderstanding of how we work as human beings. 

When we can understand how we work, it changes the way we turn up in the world.

"It's NOT our circumstances that determine our reality, but we all lives our lives as if it is. This is a misunderstanding believing that our well being is determined by something outside of us."

Fiona teaches what is known as 'inside/out thinking' in that our reality can only come from within us. 

"Every feeling we have comes from a thought, and our feelings are what determines our experience."

Fiona shares her personal story, of how with two very young children she had to flee from an abusive marriage. The relationship with her ex continued to destroy her and even threatened to destroy her second marriage. Until she had this insight that her reality was being shaped by the attention she was paying to the thinking that wasn't helping her.

"The more skeptical we become of our thinking, the more freedom we have. It's people who are very married to their thinking that struggle the most."

How does change really work?

"Human beings create long term sustainable change through the gift of insight. We don't change it by willpower or simply changing our behaviour. That doesn't last.. it lasts only as long as you're applying yourself."

Fiona and I talk about how 'labels' are unhelpful. You may have insecure or anxious thinking, but you're not an insecure or anxious person. 

"Everybody has anxious thinking, but some people have more habitual anxious thinking than others."

"When you're not resisting your thinking, your thinking automatically shifts."

How this insight has influenced Fiona's parenting. 

The myth of perfectionism - in parenting and in life in general, and why it never helps us.


Fiona mentions:

Ted talk by Michael Neil, Why Arn't We Awesomer. Find this here.

The Relationship Handbook by George Pransky

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