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The Health Evolution Collective Podcast

Apr 10, 2019

Today on the podcast I chatted to Melbourne based Dietitian & Nutritionist, Jessica Singh.

Her areas of special interest are metabolic syndrome, diabetes management, gut health, immune health and weight management.

The topics we talked about:

  • Jess shares her personal story on why she had to change her view on what constituted 'good' nutrition.
  • the dangers of high fasting insulin
  • how her personal experience has influenced her work
  • how she would treat a 40 year old female who is overweight and been yo-yo dieting most of her adult life
  • why Jess doesn't recommend calorie counting
  • how she teaches women to learn to trust their bodies when it comes to eating
  • all things GUT HEALTH - what does this all mean, and why is it important
  • the deal with fibre
  • the carnivore diet
  • all things INTERMITTENT FASTING (IF) - what does it mean and how Jess incorporates as a tool with her clients
  • the benefits of IF
  • the evolution of low carb/keto being taken over by a diet mentality
  • understanding our own personal carb threshold
  • keeping perspective with how strict you should be
  • examples of good protein and oils

And lastly, Jess shares one piece of advice for women wanting to turn their life around.


To connect with Jessica, go to:

Jess also does consultations via Skype.

You can also find her on instagram @jessicasingh_dietitian

On facebook: Jessica Singh - Dietitan


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