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The Health Evolution Collective Podcast

Apr 3, 2019

If you haven't heard of David Gillespie, and you live in Australia, you need to google him! He's such a wealth of information, and has many books of interest on health, parenting, education, and more.

This chat is between a mum of 5, and a dad of 6. Between us we have lots to give in the parenting arena!

David's latest book, The Teen Brain, is a must for parents of kids of any age. To me this book is a parenting book based on science - not someone's personal ideology.

"It's about discipline...ours not there's"

Topics for discussion:

- The path for David to write this book

- How he's evolved along with his kids

- Do we have a reason to worry about kids and technology

"The challenge of parenting is to provide a safe environment for learning but not make it so safe that nothing can be learned."

- Puberty and how it is a unique time in the bio chemistry of our brain

- How addictions have changed since the invention of the iPhone

- The addiction 'reality' of the software industry

- Understanding addiction and our reward systems

- How this all works in the context of social media & gaming

"The point is to make people keep coming back - and the only way to do that is to hook up to the bodies reward system"

- What are the answers for parents

- Parenting styles, how they've changed, and the implications

- Teenagers and natural consequences

"The level of dependency on screens is directly correlated with the parent's ability to set boundaries." Dr Ben Caunt, Clinical Psychologist.

- The importance of teenage boys having a male around them that they respect

- Practical tips


To connect with David:

Facebook: David Gillespie

Instagram: sweetdavidg

His new book is available now: The Teen Brain


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