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The Health Evolution Collective Podcast

Mar 14, 2019

We finished part 1 with Jessica talking about how good she now feels, and how she 'almost is glad she went through what she did so she can help others."

The questions:

1. The diet industry takeover of 'keto' and how the diet mentality is moving in this way of eating, where it doesn't need to be.

"It's just as rigid, time consuming, and over whelming."

2. I asked Jessica about her university days, and about an experiment called The Minnesotta starvation experiment. This experiment - done in the early 1900's - was designed to find a re-feeding strategy for troups after the war. What was uncovered around the psychological effects of calorie restriction is very interesting.

3. We talk about the context that was put on this study at university in the eating disorder lectures. 

"But they didn't put the whole puzzle together and say, Oh well maybe it was the diet they were on, maybe it was the calorie restricting."

4. Who are our teenage girls to believe when it comes to nutrition information? They get told one thing at school - the guidelines - that is akin to low fat and calorie restricting, we we know how potentially damaging that is for them.

5. Jess shares some personal experiences around some interesting bullying that occurred during her university days.

"I don't think it's ok to bully someone or to single them out for having an alternative opinion."

6. Have you been free to practice dietetics as you wish since you finished your qualifications?

"The guidelines do not apply to people with medical conditions."

"So the way I see it is that the Australian Dietary Guidelines don't apply to my patients."

7. What advice would you give to your future 14 year old daughter on what to eat?

8. Do you still worry about gaining weight?


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