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The Health Evolution Collective Podcast

Mar 8, 2019

I contacted Kate to come and chat to me on the podcast as I was interested in why she started the campaign No Packet November. 

She started this campaign because of what she saw in kids lunch boxes - so much processed and packaged foods. The campaign is in its 3rd year, and now also has taken on an environmental edge - less rubbish inside our kids, and less rubbish in our environment.

Kate lives with her hubby, 3 kids, and lives on a big property in Kyneton with some alpacas, dogs, chickens and more!

She shares her insight since having kids, her philosophy on health for herself and her family, how she finds balance - and why she is still probably trying to still find it (like all of us), and also shares some great resources.

Kate has an upcoming men's health event in her home Kyneton.

The details are:

Men United, Thursday 28th March, with guest speaker Jeremy Forbes (from HALT - Hope & Assistance for Local Tradies).

The talk will focus on mental health, depression and suicide prevention. 

To find Kate, or to find out more about this event, go to:

or email Kate at:

Instagram:@nopacketnovember & @tastingfitness

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